Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a gypsy soul with everything to gain from life’s grand adventures. I say “yes” to road trips as much as possible in effort to see, and more importantly DO, it all! A few of my favorite adventure-motivators are rock climbing, hiking, biking, and skydiving. Although I have only been skydiving in one state so far, since I’m still a noob working on my Class A, that will change in a matter of time. I’ve been climbing in at least 10 different states and biking in at least 5 different countries. The point being, I love to travel and these activities are the perfect pair to checking out new places and different environments!

In my opinion, roots are for plants. The ability to pick up and move whenever I decide it’s time is incredibly important to me. That’s why a Tiny on wheels is the perfect home for me.

Join me on this new adventure!