Life and Lemons

Something I always say is that life will give you challenges that teach you lessons you need to learn. But tonight I’m wondering, is life deciding which lessons I should be learning or am I? I can think of a hundred challenges I’ve faced, big and small. All of which I believed to be serving the purpose of teaching me patience. But what if each time I was the one choosing the lesson. Life was just handing me a tough card to see what I’d do with it…you know, lemons. Would I purse my cheeks and scrunch up my eyes, or would I add some sugar and make lemonade? Maybe it’s a growth mindset that helps me choose a lesson to learn, or maybe there’s another option I haven’t even noticed. Could I have been missing a better learning opportunity? I mean, am I really any more patient now than I was 5 years ago? 10 years ago?

Or perhaps these circumstances that I’ve deemed to be my own personal patience lessons are only challenges to me because they cause me to face my weaknesses. Maybe, they wouldn’t be challenges at all to a naturally patient person?

Then again, maybe it’s both. Or neither. What do you guys think? What sort of lessons have you been learning lately?

Remind me to tell you about my plants and patience project! Thanks so much for stopping by!



Just Testing the Waters…

Inspiration comes at the most unexpected times, doesn’t it? I’m lying in bed, hoping to fall asleep and BAM! Among the 2.4 million things running through my over tired brain is: it’s time to just try a new name on and start writing on the blog again.

So here we are. I’m trying it out, not sold on it yet. Have smile, Will travel. Two things that are true, that I hope speak to who I am more than what I do. Even though my current adventure keeps me pretty local and more serious than I’d like to admit, maybe this name will act as a reminder (for myself) of who I am. You know, it’s too easy to forget sometimes, isn’t it?

The current adventure taking over my life is nursing school. I’m currently in my second semester and while I hate it a little bit, I really love it. Becoming a nurse is a rewarding challenge. The information fascinates me daily – our bodies are AMAZING! The skills I’m learning are super cool…anyone need an IV? 😀 And the people I’ve met along the way are absolutely inspiring.

So while most of my time has been spent with my nose in the books, I’ve been enjoying the small adventures made possible by other great people! This past month (January) I climbed outside, started training in a new gym, went on a super rad hut trip with wonderful friends, and jumped into Horsetooth Reservoir!

Since the name of this post is about testing metaphorical waters, here’s a video for you of how Savannah and I felt after testing the literal water on a frigid night in January.

I’m going to leave off with a quick list of some ideas I have for future posts, a bit of accountability for myself and a little teaser for you all. Also, a quick disclaimer…These posts won’t be perfect, because I don’t have the time or energy for that. But this is for me, and for those of you who care to follow along (thanks for that, it makes me feel special to you!). So, forgive me if the writing gets sloppy from time to time and if my grammar sucks (Sorry, Uncle Bob).

Here’s that list:

– Horsetooth challenge

– The Van!

– Things I learn in Nursing School (like about hearts and blood, and how to survive!)

– 30 by 30 challenge

– the hut trip

– goal: 12a

– plants and patience project

– women in the wild – my thoughts on gender roles in the outdoors

Thanks for reading, feel free to let me know what ya think in the comments! I’d love to hear your ideas on the new name or the future post list.