Sometimes its tough to tell what it is standing in your way. Personally, not being able to identify the root of the problem can be more frustrating than the problem itself. I’m currently experiencing writer’s block. I’ve been wanting to post for the last few weeks, but instead of coming up with anything worth publishing, I’ve got a collection of half-hearted, unsatisfying attempts in the blog post graveyard.

Adventures have been plentiful and life has been happy. There’s no obvious reason I should be experiencing writer’s block. Yet, here we are.

Frustration hit hard today, but tonight I changed my approach. I started thinking about what I used to tell my kiddos to do as their writing teacher. I told them to write. “Just keep writing, write what you know.” At first this advice frustrated them, especially the ones who already had it out for the art of writing. I told them to write their way out of writer’s block, write about how much they hated poetry, write about whatever they knew to be true in that moment. Once they were tired of my hovering and pestering to keep going, they’d write – maybe just to spite me. And I would celebrate for them, because I knew that before long their stream of consciousness would be strong enough to break the dam and they wouldn’t be able to help themselves. They’d write their way straight into an idea that we could work with.

What you’re reading is the start of this process for me. I won’t leave you with the whole babble-fest, but I think it’s worth saying that sometimes you have to buckle-down and work through the block. Sometimes the only thing you can control is your attitude and how you choose to react to a situation.

So, in honor of writer’s block and teaching super-rad 6th graders, let’s try a challenge. Make a list of 10 things you know to be true right now. Feel free to post your own lists in the comments!

10 Things I Know to be True:

  1. My friends are worthy of being called family, for this I consider myself lucky.
  2. It is always worth putting down your walls, you can’t be strong without also being soft.
  3. I love my job.
  4. I am a morning person.
  5. Being outdoors is good for my soul.
  6. It is Tuesday.
  7. It is almost always worth riding my bike to work.
  8. Grand Tetons is my favorite national park, and I am going to visit again in just a few weeks.
  9. Though I cannot plan for or control what happens in my life; I am in control of my attitude, positivity is a choice.
  10. I may not live in a tiny house any longer, but I still truly value living a minimalist lifestyle.

Your turn! Thanks for reading through my stream here, and bearing with me if you made it this far. I hope to see some lists down there in the comments.






2 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. 1. Cuddles are the best
    2. Love grows and multiplies with every chils born
    3. I am eager to move and be active again
    4. Im suppose to be “taking it easy” lol
    5. I cherish my friendships
    6. I prefer one on one time with my friends over gifts
    7. Mason asks me to pump mama milk for him every. Single. Day.
    8. I love that it snows more than it rains right now. It gives the earth time to soak up the moisture.
    9. I love watching the trees dance and sway in the breeze.
    10. My husband may or may not have started hanging birdhouses everywhere….and I may encourage this obsession

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