Happy Birthday!

This post is for Papa, my very special grandfather, who is 88 today! He wants to know about my decision to go back to school. 

But first…

Papa, thank you for so much. For reading my blog, for raising such an amazingly loving family, and for inspiring us to do what we love and stand for what we believe. Happy birthday! 🎈

When ​deciding ​to ​change ​careers ​from ​teaching, ​there were a few non-negotiables I had for my next steps. I knew ​my ​career ​would ​have ​to ​involve ​caring ​for

people, ​working ​in ​a ​collaborative ​community, ​and ​spending ​most ​of ​my ​time ​on ​my ​feet. It would have to be something I felt proud of, something purposeful. ​The search began with what seemed like an obvious choice, healthcare. However, bumps in the road here and there steered me away from that option and left me utterly unsure of my future. So, after about a thousand internet searches, hundreds of “interviews” (I took to interviewing everyone I met about their jobs and their lives to try to find my calling), books,  countless hours of soul searching, a few less-than-concrete decisions, and some tears…I landed right where I started about 9 months ago. I want to be a nurse.

While ​working ​in ​healthcare ​is ​a ​completely ​different ​realm ​of ​caring ​for ​people ​than ​teaching, ​its something that matters to me. I’ll feel as though my time spent at work is important to someone other than myself. I can still work towards making a difference in the world, just like I was trying to do with teaching. 

So, I finished researching nursing schools, made a plan, enrolled in all my prerequisites, and took a CNA course. 

I’m now a certified nurse aide, and will be able to learn about the field while I’m putting myself through school. 

With any luck, I’ll be an RN in about 3 years! 



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