Campsites and Challenges

Dispersed camping is much more common in the West than it is on the East coast, but if you can find it you’ll likely be pleased with your spot. Dispersed camping is essentially free camping on BLM (bureau of land management) or National Forest land. Many dispersed sites have fire rings, but usually that is the only amenity provided. Users are expected to be aware of fire danger in the area and pack out anything they pack in – yes, this includes your toilet paper!

I consider myself a good campsite finder and I’ll let you in on the secret. Patience! Don’t stop at the first campsite you see unless you absolutely love it! Even if it’s starting to get late, and you’re starving. Just look a little further. Anyone who knows me personally would not describe me as patient, but when it comes to finding a campsite, I prefer to drive around and scope out the options. It’s better to hold out for that perfect view or peaceful clearing when setting up a temporary home. 

My campsite priorities are; rivers for the soothing background noise, mountains for the awe inspiring view, or any view of water.  I prefer to have a slightly secluded spot that has a level area for my tent. The best spot will allow me to set up my tent so that I can wake up to the view!

Alright now for the challenges. It’s good to plan how you’ll get your workout in before you leave and to set it up so that you feel obligated to do it, even after a long day of hiking or biking. Before we left town, Melissa, Sofie, and I set a challenge for ourselves to keep us working out while we were away from home. We decided we would do a push-up pyramid every day at our new campsite. Our first night consisted of  24 and by the end we were up to 72 push-ups! 

Check out this fun little video to see our challenges and our campsites! 

More house updates coming soon. Spoiler alert: project patience is hard.



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