Wild About Wildlife

We started the wildlife viewing off on the drive into Grand Teton National Park and it just kept getting better from there. 

Our first sighting was a grizzly bear running along the side of the road. I hate to say this bear was cute, because it’s a GRIZZLY BEAR!, but it was very exciting to spot one. 


Check out this video of the bear!

Being “Bear Aware” is no joke in Bear Country. We were informed by a ranger that bears in the Tetons and Yellowstone aren’t going to break in to your car to find food. If a bear is found breaking into a car, it is euthanized to avoid generations of bears teaching their cubs to find food from humans. You can be proactive against future problems, and to save the bears, by making sure you lock anything that smells – think chapstick, toothpaste, sunscreen, I mean anything with a smell – in your car or a bear box.
While hiking in the park, we spotted a moose munching along side the trail. Then on our drive out of the Tetons, we saw a black bear and a fox! This fox was white with a big bushy tail, and seemed to be posing for pictures for all the tourists that had pulled off the road.

Our next stop on the road trip was Yellowstone National Park, where we saw countless bison grazing in the meadows. We also saw elk lounging by Mammoth hot springs and three moose with huge antlers chowing down on the side of the road.

Yellowstone is an absolutely beautiful park. It was the first national park, established in 1872, before Montana was even a state! While many people go to see the geothermal features such as Old Faithful, I personally felt lost and found in the river landscape that runs boundless through the park. 

The park’s campsites were full when we arrived, so we drove through to the West Entrance, pit-stopping to see Old Faithful and grab some ice cream!  From the South Entrance to the West Entrance was 69 miles, this park is HUGE! 

We left the park and drove into Galletin National Forest where we found a gorgeous campsite to call home for the night. Here we encountered more wildlife in the form of miniature vampires, more commonly known as mosquitoes. Does anyone know why mosquitoes bite some people more than others? Melissa and Sofie got eaten alive and I managed to get out without a bite. 

The next morning we saw a few more neat things in Yellowstone; Norris Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Tower Falls, oh yeah and more ice cream, and then made our way to Bozeman. 

Mammoth Hot Springs

Grand Prismatic Spring

Tower Falls

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for our bike packing adventure from Bozeman. 


4 thoughts on “Wild About Wildlife

  1. Very cool shot of the grizzly bear. Intrigued, I checked Wikipedia and learned that there are only about 600 grizzlies in the Grand Tetons area. How lucky were you to catch one trotting along the roadside? Very special. Cool trip. It seems if I’m not reading about your adventures in the Wild West, I’m reading about Kevin & Siobhan doing the same (though they are certainly traveling in style). Stay safe out there! – Unc


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