Summer is finally here which means it’s time for long adventures! Melissa, Sofie, and I started this summer off with a road trip from Fort Collins to Bozeman. I’ve wanted to see Montana and there are some beautiful National Parks (kinda) along the way. 

Our first destination was Grand Teton National Park. To say this park is beautiful is an understatement. The Tetons are completely majestic. As you’re driving towards them they’re hidden somehow and if you’re anything like me, you’ll continuously point out every mountain range in the general direction you’re heading and ask Sofie, “Are those the Tetons?” But you should know, you won’t have to ask if you’re looking at the Tetons. You’ll just know. If you’re anything like me, they may even move you to tears with there immense, commanding beauty. 

Here’s a video that won’t do them justice, but you can at least see what I mean when I say they appear out of nowhere. 

Once we entered the park, we decided the best way to have a look around would be by bicycle. So we found a place to park and became acquainted with the bike lanes. We rode along the shore of Jenny Lake, a stunning, freezing lake that holds the reflection of the Tetons better than any picture could. And of course, we couldn’t resist jumping in! 

We left the park around 5 to find a campsite for the night. A friend had given us some beta on a campsite with great views, so we had our sights set on that. We drove out into the national forest just outside the park and really put the Subaru to the test trying to make our way to this spot. Our first attempt brought us to a “Road Closed” barricade so we tried a different route. The second attempt also turned out to be fruitless, and treacherous. Just as we decided to turn around and pay for a site at the Jenny Lake campground, we came across the perfect spot. With the Tetons draped in gold as our backdrop, we set up camp and made dinner then spent some quality time enjoying the view. 

Thanks for stopping by, if you enjoy wildlife, check back soon! 



6 thoughts on “Awestruck

  1. If you have time try Beartooth Pass it’s a beautiful road from Yellowstone to Red Lodge Montana. I think they may still have a lot of snow up there this year but it is gorgeous!


  2. If you have time look at Beartooth pass f on Yellowstone to Red Lodge Montana. It’s a beautiful road but I think they still have a lot of snow up there.


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