Storage Loft Style

I’m working on the aesthetics of my Tiny and trying to make everything look as “put together” as possible without losing function. The place proving to be the biggest challenge is the storage loft. I want to be able to access everything up there, but I don’t want it to look like it did before. It looked messy before. 

I tried using uniform milk crates and adding a piece of art, but it’s still not perfect. I’m thinking a macrame curtain might look nice draping over it and would just solve the whole issue. However, then it’d be difficult to get things down. 

Spray painting the milk crates

The finished loft, don’t mind the shoe pile, again…I don’t have a better idea!


Please, let me know if you have any ideas!



Settling In

Here’s a quick update for you! The house is nestled into its new spot, leveled, and good to go! It’s hanging out in a beautiful little cherry grove, surrounded by green, it’s so happy here! My neighbor and good friend, Jonathan, is just a quick walk down the path and Melissa is two plots over! It feels good to be close to friends. 

The house feels more organized than the last time around, though I’m still waiting to get a few big projects finished. I’ll write individual posts about each of those to keep them a bit shorter. 

My cozy bedroom loft 🙂

A few changes can really improve a space!

I had forgotten how inspiring the Tiny can be in terms of projects. It’s almost overwhelming, but it’s teaching me patience. My newest lesson is that it’s okay to leave a project unfinished for a short time. I haven’t finished painting yet because it’s been nonstop between finishing up the school year and getting the Tiny and myself up here. I was going to try to do it this weekend, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Especially not enough sunny ones and I don’t have the electricity working yet. I don’t think painting in the dark would be a great idea, do you? Anyway, instead of painting I spent the time getting everything unpacked, using what I learned from my last go about where to store things and what I use a lot, etc. I’ll finish the paint job when I get back from my upcoming adventure!

Check back soon to hear about it 🙂



Let’s Try This Again

The itch to change things up started a few months ago,  but the decision making process was a bit bumpier this time than usual. I’ve been working at my current job for two years and have been teaching for about five. I’m ready for a new adventure! So I have decided to take a break from teaching and try something different. I don’t know what yet, so let me know if you have any ideas. 

In bigger news, I’m trying the Tiny again! I found a beautiful spot to park among friends and repainted the inside for a fresh start. I have to say I’m VERY excited! Prairie life was so harsh and lonely, let’s try again, at “the compound”!

The last piece of big news is that I’ve purchased my domain name so I’m going to really try to make something out of this blog! ( I’ve got a great feeling about it, “I believe in the good things coming”! 

Let me know your thoughts and questions, I’ll try to answer them all in my coming posts.