The Bright Side

Always find the bright side. This is the single most important lesson I’ve learned out of all the lessons.

I told you I had some sad news, but keep in mind it’s not all sad. You can always find a bright side. 

Annie is no longer with me. Her wonderful daycare owner has adopted her. This is terribly sad because I miss Annie and I feel a bit like I’ve let her down. After all we’ve been through together, I couldn’t take good enough care of her. She had been getting increasingly aggressive and finally moved from nipping and barking to full on biting. I didn’t know how else to help her than what I’d already been doing. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to socialize her and get her out among people in different environments, but she just wouldn’t lighten up. I finally realized she would be better off somewhere she can run around with lots of other pups all day and somewhere more constant. 

It turns out I was right. Like I said, there’s always a bright side. Annie is doing so well at her new home. Of course this news brings me so much happiness for Annie and her new family. It also brings a couple tears for me missing her, but at least I know that I did the right thing for her. She hasn’t been barking at the males in the house and is even cuddling with them! 

Anyway, that’s the sad news. When it rains it pours, but don’t worry…I’ve got my eyes peeled for the rainbow, I know it’s just around the corner!



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