Mattress Matters

Rather than buying a new mattress for my Tiny, I decided to make one! My close friend made one about a year before me and I took a glorious nap on it once and was sold. It was so comfortable! Firm, but form-fitting. 

The mattress is made of buckwheat hulls and cotton tubes. It was easy to make and the best part is it fits my space perfectly. 

First, we measured out the buckwheat hulls, tied knots in one end of the cotton tubes, then filled them with the hulls. 

Next, we made the filled tubes into pods by tying the ends together.

When all the pods were made, we arranged them into the mattress shape, and tied them together. 

My dad helped me build the frame which keeps all the pods together. Here you can see that the frame is built into the loft.

I put a mattress pad under the pods and on top to protect them from Annie nails. (You may recall that she was still missing at this time, but I knew she would come home 😀.) 

I have to fluff the pods every other night before going to sleep, but it only takes a second and I really love sleeping on this mattress. So does Annie girl 🐶! 

You can learn more about my mattress from the Open Your Eyes Bedding website.

Shoot me your questions in the comments section!


E and A🐶

3 thoughts on “Mattress Matters

    • I ordered them through Open Your Eyes Bedding. I ordered the whole thing as a kit. You could probably find them other places, you just have make sure they aren’t roasted or anything because then they get sharp or something.

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