Back Again

I know it’s been a while again, but we’ve just been so busy exploring! We may love living on The Prairie, but Annie and I have found a new favorite place for adventuring…The Desert. 

Our most recent adventure took us to Moab and surrounding climbing areas. I fell in love with the splitter cracks and Annie fell in love with the sand!

The pup cruised each uphill approach while we were at Indian Creek, boulder hopping, sand sliding, and all. She is still apprehensive on the downhills, though she made slight progress each day. 

Annie’s biggest weakness, and another area I’m really hoping to see progress in, is with her socialization. She has improved, but still growls or barks at strangers. I’m not quite sure how to help her get over this aside from time and exposure, but I’m totally open to ideas if anyone has any expert advice. (This would be a great use of the comments section 👍🏼.)

Annie wasn’t the only one making gains on this trip, I led two pitches on gear and climbed a bunch of crack routes. I was lucky enough to get on a beautiful route called Annunaki that got me super psyched and it really helped me push myself. A few other factors that contributed to the stoke this week are my climbing partner, who continues to push me past my comfort zone, and our discovery of a cold brew coffee that is perfect to take to the crag. This delicious treat is called Stōk and we decided it is quite properly named, as it totally raised the stoke of the day! For those of you who aren’t sure what stoke is, it’s the excitement surrounding the activity of the day. When stoke is high, good things happen!

Check out these pics from the trip then check back soon for some Tiny House breakdowns. First up, how I made my mattress! 

Annie exploring during our bouldering session at Big Bend

View of the Bridger Jacks from the tent

Me on Mudslide, Annuunaki is the sick crack to the right.

Another shot of Annunaki because it’s just so beautiful!

Here I am at the top of my first lead. This one is called Rochambeau


E and A🐶

3 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. Holy crap! You’re up there! Nearly sent me into cardiac arrest just looking at the picture. Be careful up there! (I know you already came down – I’m talking about the future, ok?)


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  2. Your pup’s behavior and a cure is highly dependent on why she’s doing it. For example, if she’s jealous of you, having another dog come up and be petted by you, and lean on you and whatnot while absolutely ignoring your pup (other than to firmly push her away if she crowds in) over and over will help. Honestly, your best course of action is too really observe her and see why/when she does what you don’t like, and then address it. A dog behaviorist would help…as you can tell I used to work with one. Don’t give up. 🙂 Calm and firm and repetitive alpha behavior usually does the trick. I don’t mean aggressive alpha, just be her leader.
    Lovely area, and I will be there myself by next fall sometime if plans go well!

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