Hashtag Prairie Life

Prairie life is hard. Prairie life is harsh, prickly, and at times, lonely. 

You’ve heard the saying, “20 minutes from everywhere!” It’s frequently used in ads to explain how close a car dealership or a shopping mall is to “absolutely everywhere.” Well, when you live out on the Prairie, it’s used to explain just how far away you are from anything you might need; the grocery store, a restaurant, the gym, your mailbox. All of the places you may visit multiple times throughout the week, living on the Prairie will make you think twice. “Do I really need to drive to the grocery store? Or can I make something out of oatmeal, dog food, and…basil?” (Meal planning in a tiny house has proven to be a weakness of mine.) Even eager visitors begin to shy away from the drive, once the lure of seeing a tiny house has worn off.

When you live on the Prairie, yard work looks a bit like your typical yard work. Except rather than raking leaves or mowing your lawn, you’re spending the hours digging up the stubborn yucca roots to prevent them from taking over with a vengence; which they will do in a few short weeks if you just cut them down. Not to mention, your dog’s leash will get stuck on even the smallest yucca stump. Meaning, you run the risk of her getting caught out in the sun without the hope of finding refuge in the shade.

A pile of yucca we cleaned up from the yard

The weather DOES NOT mess around on the Prairie. When it’s sunny, it’s blazing. When it’s windy, batten down the hatches because anything not tied down will blow away. Leaving the windows open through a rain storm will result in a wet bed, a wet floor, and wet towels.
Luckily, you can see the storms coming from miles away.

When you live on the Prairie, watching a storm roll in is better than watching a movie. Especially if it happens at sunset. The vibrant backdrop overlaid with the gray of the storm and the blues of the mountains will move you tears.

The sunrise reflecting off the mountains and the peaceful soundtrack of the Prairie make for the most zen morning walks. This daily light show and soundtrack produced by mother nature herself can’t be touched by crowded streets or bright city lights out on the Prairie.

sunrise colors 🙂

Usually in life, our challenges are what brings us the greatest rewards. When I say #PrairieLife, it’s most likely out of pure joy for the beautiful place I get to call home.

Thanks for sticking around long enough to get to the good stuff!


E and A🐶


Everybody Poops

One of the most asked questions I get about my Tiny is, “So do you have a septic tank?” Or the more direct version, “Where do you poop?” 

So allow me to introduce my toilet! 

This is the Nature’s Head composting toilet. I read a bunch of reviews on different composting toilets and I ended up going with this one for a few different reasons. I found the review from the Wynn’s blog to be super helpful in even realizing what to consider. 

The NH toilet is small for toilets of its type, which is great for my tiny bathroom. It has a little fan in the composting container which helps to keep it from generating an odor. The fan is hooked up to a vent on the outside of my house. It’s very quiet! Finally, it separates the two types of waste. You know, the #1 and the #2. This makes emptying the waste easier and keeps away odors. 

So, how does it work?! Really, you just sit down and do your business. I have to empty the #1 tank about once a week and the #2 tank about once a month. 

Here’s what the #2 tank looks like pretty much with or without the #2. It’s full of peat moss to help the decomposing process along. And that silver bar is to stir it up after you go. 😜

I made compost bins out of my old tires so that my toilet generated compost can finish composting. Since I am a full time user, it takes a little while to complete the process once I empty it.

If you have any questions, leave it in a comment and I’ll do my best to answer! 


E and A🐶