Tiny House Happenings

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve gotten more and more excited about living in my tiny house throughout the past week. Now that it’s pretty much set up the way I want it to be, I’ve been able to really get into the Tiny lifestyle. I love the good habits this life is going to force me to make!

I successfully cooked my first meal with friends in the tiny kitchen. Since I have to be careful what goes down the drain and I’ll be composting anyway because of my toilet, I’ve started composting food scraps as well. I’ll be constructing a little compost bin out in my yard within the next week! I also have to be very mindful of what food I buy due to the tiny fridge space. Fresh food only! 

This morning, I completed my first bbg workout in the Tiny and also added on a few pull-ups for good measure! Everything is holding up great. I was a little nervous about the space being too small, but it really was just right. And there was very little rearranging necessary. 

This past weekend I went on two mini adventures! Friday was cliff jumping at Paradise Cove.

And on Saturday, I hiked Sentinel Point (12,527′), the highest peak in the area after Pikes Peak. 

View from the summit

The summit from down below

However, my favorite habit that I’ve been developing is watching this gorgeous sunset from my front yard as often as possible.
I think I owe y’all a post explaining  my facilities, so I’ll work on that next. Let me know what else you want to know about though! 



Enjoy this sunset 🙂

6 thoughts on “Tiny House Happenings

  1. Hey Adventure Girl – great post. Glad to see you settling in. How are you doing managing electricity usage? Any problems?

    Great photos and amazing climb to the peak. Not much oxygen up there, eh?

    Be good and keep ’em comin’


    Liked by 1 person

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