The One Million and Two Things I Didn’t Think Of

You may have noticed a special guest in my last post. I was lucky enough to have a bit of company on my drive out to CO with my Tiny. When Annie went missing, my dad thought ahead to how difficult that drive was going to be for me and met me down in TN so I wouldn’t have to go it alone. Grateful doesn’t really cover how I feel about this gesture and all the help he’s given me in the past week. 

On our drive, we started making a list of everything we’d have to do before the Tiny was really safe to live in. It turns out there was a whole lot more to do than just park it! 

After digging the gray water drain and positioning my Tiny over it, we had to use the jacks on the trailer to level it out. Then Dad put these cinder blocks under the corners as backup to the jacks. It’s so high because we wanted to get the wheels up off the ground to prevent tire rot. 

We also had to hook up the water. I originally planned on harvesting rain for water, but for now I’ve got 200+ ft of hose running from my Tiny to the well on the property. 

I’m still waiting on the LP hot water heater to get installed. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be all hooked up by Friday!

Aside from those big things, there have been a ton of little things that take longer than expected. For example, for the amount of stuff I have left, unpacking is taking quite a while. It’s tough to find the right places to put everything! 

Here’s a video of my progress so far! 

​​​Thank you so much for following!! 

Stay tuned for updates on life in the Tiny 😃!


E (A🐶 is here in spirit. Still holding out for her safe return.)

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