A Solar System All My Own

When you stop and think about it, living off the grid really is a bit like being in your own world, or having your own solar system. At least, that’s how I like to look at it πŸ˜‰. 

One of the first reasons I chose to work with ITH was their collaboration with an off-grid contractor. I was super interested in learning more about going off the grid after seeing this video made by Randy and Lucas. 

Lucas and Nikki of Off-Grid Contracting are really great to work with. They set me up with a supplier for all my parts. Then they worked with Randy to schedule the installation of my solar system. While Lucas and Nikki were at the warehouse they took extra time to explain my system to me, which I’ll admit is a bit over my head. Now, you might be thinking, of course they did all that… You’re paying them for that…True. But, they also went the extra mile and came back to the warehouse last night on their way home from another job. They came back to double check that I’d be hitting the road with a fully working system. I’m lucky they did too, because things weren’t working correctly! 

Lucas and Nikki arrived around 8pm or so last night and were troubleshooting my system for a few hours. They got it all figured out and I was able to leave today with a fully operational solar system! 

So, how does it work?! 

I have 2 sections of solar, made up of 3 panels each. One section on each side of my roof. The panels soak up the sun and turn it into power. During the day, those panels have two jobs. They run anything using electricity in my Tiny and they charge my battery bank. There’s a bank of 4 batteries that run my Tiny at night. It all seems pretty simple. My Tiny is wired just like any house, but rather than being connected to a power supply that is turned on by paying an electric company, it’s connected to the solar. 

What happens if I don’t see the sun for a few days?

I charge my batteries from a generator or shore power if necessary. I’ve got a box near my batteries that has a plug on it. All I’ve got to do is plug that sucker in for 2-3 hours and I’ve got a fully charged battery bank! 

Do you have any other questions about my solar system (I really love saying that!)? If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you! 

Expect an update once I get planted and start using my power consistently! 

What do you want to know next?!


Just E (for now)

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