All Is Right In My World

Annie and I are finally home. This tiny house finally feels like home to me because it’s finally full of everything I need. 

We are settling in after the long drive and enjoying our first sunset together. This sunset is as beautiful as all the people who showed Annie and me their kind hearts throughout this wild journey. I will never forget the overwhelming thoughtfulness from family, friends, and perfect strangers alike. I have been spontaneously happy crying all day out of pure gratitude. 

Our first sunset in our new home πŸ€—πŸŒ„

Now this house is home. 


E and A🐢


My reunion with Annie was glorious and heartbreaking all at the same time. Knowing that she’s safe and back home is such a huge relief, but seeing her in her current state is such a terrible feeling. 

Annie was missing for 25 days and it seems that she was fending for herself that whole time. She has grown a little, her frame is definitely larger. However, she is pretty much skin and bones. My poor Annie girl has sores and bites all over and is definitely more timid than she was before. No matter how many times anyone says, “You did everything you could.” Or, “It’s not your fault.” I feel so helpless seeing my baby girl like this. 

While Annie is not in the healthiest condition, her spirit hasn’t changed much at all. She is still my affectionate and sweet Annie girl, which I am so grateful for. 

Thank you all so much for the positive vibes, prayers, and support over the past (almost) month. I’m completely blown away by how many people showed empathy for Annie and me. We attribute our miracle to all of you. 

My thoughts at this moment…”Thank god she recognizes me!”

Annie’s thoughts at this moment…”Moooomm! I can’t breathe!”

She still loves to give kisses πŸ™‚

Never Stop Believing

Miracles really do happen. Yesterday afternoon I opened my email to an alert from, someone had contacted them with potential information about Annie. I called and the kind lady on the other end of the phone described Annie to me. Tears rolled down my face as I realized that this kind soul really did have my puppy. Annie is coming home!

My good friend Brent went to pick her up and she is now safely waiting for me to go and get her. I’ll be driving to TN this week to pick up Annie and bring her home before school starts. Oh, and guess who’s coming with me!? 

Rachel didn’t even let me get the question out. She simply stated, “I’m going with you!” Rachel is the kind of friend I strive to be, she’s just a darn good human to be around. Anyone who has spent any time with her will agree with me. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such good souls. 

I’ve said this before, but there is a power in optimism. Never stop believing. 

Pictures of our reunion to follow! 


E and A🐢 (I told you she’d be back!) 

Tiny House Happenings

I didn’t think it was possible, but I’ve gotten more and more excited about living in my tiny house throughout the past week. Now that it’s pretty much set up the way I want it to be, I’ve been able to really get into the Tiny lifestyle. I love the good habits this life is going to force me to make!

I successfully cooked my first meal with friends in the tiny kitchen. Since I have to be careful what goes down the drain and I’ll be composting anyway because of my toilet, I’ve started composting food scraps as well. I’ll be constructing a little compost bin out in my yard within the next week! I also have to be very mindful of what food I buy due to the tiny fridge space. Fresh food only! 

This morning, I completed my first bbg workout in the Tiny and also added on a few pull-ups for good measure! Everything is holding up great. I was a little nervous about the space being too small, but it really was just right. And there was very little rearranging necessary. 

This past weekend I went on two mini adventures! Friday was cliff jumping at Paradise Cove.

And on Saturday, I hiked Sentinel Point (12,527′), the highest peak in the area after Pikes Peak. 

View from the summit

The summit from down below

However, my favorite habit that I’ve been developing is watching this gorgeous sunset from my front yard as often as possible.
I think I owe y’all a post explaining  my facilities, so I’ll work on that next. Let me know what else you want to know about though! 



Enjoy this sunset πŸ™‚

The One Million and Two Things I Didn’t Think Of

You may have noticed a special guest in my last post. I was lucky enough to have a bit of company on my drive out to CO with my Tiny. When Annie went missing, my dad thought ahead to how difficult that drive was going to be for me and met me down in TN so I wouldn’t have to go it alone. Grateful doesn’t really cover how I feel about this gesture and all the help he’s given me in the past week. 

On our drive, we started making a list of everything we’d have to do before the Tiny was really safe to live in. It turns out there was a whole lot more to do than just park it! 

After digging the gray water drain and positioning my Tiny over it, we had to use the jacks on the trailer to level it out. Then Dad put these cinder blocks under the corners as backup to the jacks. It’s so high because we wanted to get the wheels up off the ground to prevent tire rot. 

We also had to hook up the water. I originally planned on harvesting rain for water, but for now I’ve got 200+ ft of hose running from my Tiny to the well on the property. 

I’m still waiting on the LP hot water heater to get installed. I’m crossing my fingers that it will be all hooked up by Friday!

Aside from those big things, there have been a ton of little things that take longer than expected. For example, for the amount of stuff I have left, unpacking is taking quite a while. It’s tough to find the right places to put everything! 

Here’s a video of my progress so far! 

​​​​Thank you so much for following!! 

Stay tuned for updates on life in the Tiny πŸ˜ƒ!


E (A🐢 is here in spirit. Still holding out for her safe return.)

Parked It

Oof! It’s been a busy couple of days, but my Tiny is finally parked in its spot. I’ve got a beautiful tree in my yard and really just couldn’t be happier with the view! 

The first sunset from my new home did not disappoint πŸ™‚

Before parking in the final spot, I had to dig a hole for my gray water to drain into. 

Once the hole was big enough, I covered the bottom with gravel, put in a bucket with holes drilled into the bottom, and then filled the sides with gravel. The idea is that as the bucket fills up with gray water, the water will slowly drain through the holes and then through the gravel before going back into the ground. 

Check back soon for a video post! My Tiny is almost good to go (or should I say stay?!)


E (hope is not lost)

The Build

Here’s a photo-heavy post to walk you through the build!

The exterior was about finished when we arrived so we stained, and stained, and stained! 

Rachel applying the sagebrush green

Chelsea getting over her fear of heights

This wasn’t the last tool belt we commandeered πŸ™‚

Brent showed me how to put up the v-groove. V-groove makes up my interior walls.

There’s always time to be goofy πŸ˜‰

Tom taught me how to put the ceiling up. (I know some of these are a re-cap, but I figured I’d get the whole process in one post)

The lofts went in. Then, once the interior was all done, guess what we got to do?! Stain it! 

Our buddy, Brent, was super helpful! πŸ™‚

Then the stairs went in. Tom did an amazing job on the stairs. They are super functional!

Next was the kitchen and bathroom. You’ll have to wait for the big reveal to see those! 

The last few days were packed with finishing touches. The term finishing touches is a little misleading, because some of these tasks were more like punches than touches (expect a post on this soon)!

The Incredible Crew!

Leave a comment if you have any questions!!


E (you know the drill)

Looking Ahead

This is something I try to do often, and something I’ve done quite a bit of on this trek across our beautiful country. You have to be careful with looking ahead though because there’s a delicate balance between looking ahead to prepare and planning ahead. 

Planning ahead is likely to be a waste of time due to the number of unknowns that wait for us on this path we call life. Looking ahead, however, allows us to slow down for a minute and take a look at the possibilities. It causes us to make choices based on where they might lead. To take in all the options and try to select the right road. 

When looking ahead, we have to be cautious to stay flexible. We have to be aware that the road we choose will most likely lead us where we want to go, but it may not be a straight road and there may be detours around the bend that we just can’t see yet. So keep those high beams on and keep on truckin’! 

In terms of my Tiny, I’m super stoked to settle into it. I can’t wait to show you all how it turned out when I get it all set up. Its just what I hoped it would be. I’ve been looking forward to this time for a few months now, but I didn’t see the massive ditch in the road coming ahead and drove right into it. Moving into my Tiny without Annie girl is proving to take a decent sized toll on the stoke. Bear with me here, I’m trying to keep it real and positive.

In terms of this blog, I’m looking ahead to what it will become now that the designing and the building are all wrapped up. Once I’ve filled you all in on the build, I plan to keep you updated with the trials and tribulations of living tiny, including everyday adjustments and reviews of the products I chose to install. Another focus will be the adventuring that I get to do because of my Tiny. I hope you all stay tuned!


E (for now – keeping the faith 🐢)

A Solar System All My Own

When you stop and think about it, living off the grid really is a bit like being in your own world, or having your own solar system. At least, that’s how I like to look at it πŸ˜‰. 

One of the first reasons I chose to work with ITH was their collaboration with an off-grid contractor. I was super interested in learning more about going off the grid after seeing this video made by Randy and Lucas. 

Lucas and Nikki of Off-Grid Contracting are really great to work with. They set me up with a supplier for all my parts. Then they worked with Randy to schedule the installation of my solar system. While Lucas and Nikki were at the warehouse they took extra time to explain my system to me, which I’ll admit is a bit over my head. Now, you might be thinking, of course they did all that… You’re paying them for that…True. But, they also went the extra mile and came back to the warehouse last night on their way home from another job. They came back to double check that I’d be hitting the road with a fully working system. I’m lucky they did too, because things weren’t working correctly! 

Lucas and Nikki arrived around 8pm or so last night and were troubleshooting my system for a few hours. They got it all figured out and I was able to leave today with a fully operational solar system! 

So, how does it work?! 

I have 2 sections of solar, made up of 3 panels each. One section on each side of my roof. The panels soak up the sun and turn it into power. During the day, those panels have two jobs. They run anything using electricity in my Tiny and they charge my battery bank. There’s a bank of 4 batteries that run my Tiny at night. It all seems pretty simple. My Tiny is wired just like any house, but rather than being connected to a power supply that is turned on by paying an electric company, it’s connected to the solar. 

What happens if I don’t see the sun for a few days?

I charge my batteries from a generator or shore power if necessary. I’ve got a box near my batteries that has a plug on it. All I’ve got to do is plug that sucker in for 2-3 hours and I’ve got a fully charged battery bank! 

Do you have any other questions about my solar system (I really love saying that!)? If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out for you! 

Expect an update once I get planted and start using my power consistently! 

What do you want to know next?!


Just E (for now)

Bumps in the Road

I haven’t posted in nearly a week. I was really hoping that my next post would be a cheerful photo of my reunion with Annie. Unfortunately, I am still patiently (for those of you who know me well, you know how difficult anything that involves patience is for me) waiting for Annie girl to return. 

While she’s been away, I’ve done just about everything I (or anyone around me) can think of to find her. All that’s left is to wait and hope something works. 

We’ve also been keeping ourselves busy with the tiny home build. I’ve got about a million things to tell you all about, but I’m not sure where to start. 

I loved reading your comments and opinions about the fan, so let’s try something like that again. What do you want to know about first?  

It’s not a ninja, but its pretty adorable!

Color scheme? 

What Rachel, Chelsea, and I learned while we were here?

Solar power?

My homemade mattress? 

Stairs vs. Ladder?

Any other topics you’d like to hear about? 

I love hearing from you all, so let me know!


E and A🐢

P.S. Please keep the positive vibes coming. I need my paw-tner in crime back for the rest of this crazy journey.