Road Trippin’

As you’ve probably noticed, my blog is titled “Tiny Home ~ Grand Adventures,” but building a tiny house isn’t the only grand adventure to which I’m referring. My main motivation for building a tiny house in the first place is to leave as much room in my life for adventuring as is possible. Living Tiny means fewer possessions, lower maintenance time requirements, and smaller bills. Therefore freeing up not only time, but also money, to spend adventuring. 

The term adventuring to me means, to venture on a potentially dangerous, but mostly exciting activity that typically involves being in nature. Adventures usually have an air of excitement due to the presence of unknowns or the potential for getting lost. 

While the majority of my posts have so far involved the process of designing and building my tiny home, you can expect to see some that focus more on the adventures that this tiny house has brought to my life! 

For example:

On our way to Tennessee Rachel, Annie, and I made a pit stop in Oklahoma to visit with some of Rachel’s family and, of course, to fit a few extra mini-adventures in. 

Rachel’s folks have horses and a bit of land (Annie is in heaven over here!) so our first outing was to go trail riding. Here’s a few photos of the ride! 

I rode a horse named Eddy. He was gentle, but a bit testy. He could tell I was a newbie! 

That afternoon, we headed out to pick up Rachel’s niece to go camping by the Illinois River. It was a lovely night, and by that I mean it was terribly hot and disgustingly humid. I’ve forgotten how miserable humidity can be, but I’m adjusting. In all honesty though, once Annie and I settled down in the hammock, it wasn’t so bad. 

The next morning we got up, packed up camp, and headed off to go float the river. Annie got a new life jacket, but she still isn’t a fan of the water. We kayaked 6 miles down stream, it was gorgeous and so relaxing. 

Unfortunately we were not without casualties. Rachel’s kayak capsized when it hit a large stump going through rapids. Her phone, which she had out and was playing music with, was swept away and now rests somewhere at the bottom of the Illinois River. Luckily, Rachel and Puggles (pictured below) are both safe and unharmed! 

In other exciting news, we’ve decided that Chelsea, Rachel’s niece is about due for some time away from Oklahoma, so she’ll be accompanying us on the rest of our trip to TN. 

Stay tuned for tiny house updates, new post to come later today or tomorrow! 


E and A🐶

One thought on “Road Trippin’

  1. Funny concept… adventure…If I had to create a definition for it myself it would be something like this: engaging in an activity with an unknown ending or outcome or stepping into the unknown with hints of what MIGHT happen, its the unsureness of the activities outcome that creates the adventure. It allows the mind to wonder and contemplate whats around the corner, creating even more excitement and energy from within. So on that note… is adventure an activity or an ideology?


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