Progress, Sweet Progress

We have left Oklahoma and are en route to Morristown, TN where Rachel, Chelsea, Annie, and I will be staying for the next two weeks. Rachel, Chelsea, and I will be helping the guys at Incredible Tiny Homes finish up my Tiny! 

We are so excited to get our hands dirty, learn some new skills, and make some new friends! 

While we’ve been making our way there however, the guys over at ITH have been making some incredible progress on my home. By the time we get there, it will be ready for us to go to town on the interior! 

I’d like to thank my Babci for my interior design capabilities, she’s been helping me develop good taste since I was probably around 7 years old. She used to bring my cousin, Brigette, and me along to the Boston Design Center when she would go for clients. We looked forward to these trips with her so much, she would always give us tasks to accomplish while we were there and we took our jobs very seriously! It’s no surprise that I’m designing my own home and that Brigette has turned out to be a very accomplished designer herself (check out this Emerging Leaders Profile IIDA New England did on my super successful cousin – I’m so proud!) 

Here are some pictures of the progress on my Tiny so far! 

Can you believe they fit 14 windows in this thing?! ☀️

We’ll be standing in this beauty tomorrow!! Can’t wait to show you what we get to do in the coming weeks! Thanks for following 😊!


E and A🐶

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