When It Rains, It Pours!

This phrase usually carries a negative connotation, but I don’t believe it should. Sometimes rain is exactly what you need, therefore you should be grateful it’s pouring (I may come back to this from a different angle in a later post). When it pours, you just have to grab a raincoat and try to keep up! Which is why my blog has been on hold for the past few weeks. 

The first downpour was the closing of the 2015-2016 school year. With the end of the school year, comes so much to do, especially at my school! On the second to last day of school, we have a wonderful celebration of learning, called Gallery Night. The students get to display all of their work from the semester and families and friends are welcomed into our school to get a taste of what all their hard work has produced! It’s really quite something! It’s time consuming and a LOT of work (for students and teachers), but it keeps us all focused on our learning right up until summer vacation. 

The next wave came at the same time as preparing for Gallery Night and the end of my first year at PPSEL. My tiny home plans were being finalized! I’m not a great multi-tasker when it comes to things that need my full attention, so unfortunately the builder I’m working with had to wait until after school ended to get my go-ahead with the plans. Luckily, he is a very patient and easy to work with contractor. I’ve said this before, but I knew I wanted to work with Randy for a reason.

The third downpour that’s hit, and this is a big one, a real attention-demanding one… I’ve adopted a puppy! She’s an 8 month old heeler/pointer mix (I think), who’s as sweet as can be. Her name is Annie Oakley and I love her. Sure, the timing wasn’t perfect for getting a puppy, but so far it’s been worth the little challenges!

These photos were taken on Annie’s first camping trip! She loved it 🙂

 So to recap, since last Friday, I’ve finished school, finalized the plans for my house and actually started making some exciting moves forward, started moving my stuff from my apartment to storage (still trying to sell some furniture, let me know if you know of anyone looking for a couch!), and adopted a puppy. 

As for the first moves on my house…here are some pics of me picking out the wood for my kitchen counters and shelving. My friends hooked me up with some wood from the Black Forest fire, which was only a few miles from my school. I love that I’ll have a piece of this place I love so much in my home forever! 

From one 4″ thick hunk-a-wood to two 2″ thick hunks-a-wood, just like that!

Look how pretty it is on the inside!

Things should be moving a long pretty quickly now! I’ll be heading to visit family and celebrate some special occasions with friends for the next week and a half, but then it’s off to Tennessee to build!! 

Thanks for checking in!


E (I suppose it’s E and A now! 🐶)

One thought on “When It Rains, It Pours!

  1. I thought you got a puppy and even better you adopted!!! This is wonderful news!!!
    Progress on your tiny home is looking good. Love the wood counter idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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