I finally (it wasn’t really that long of a wait, see previous post about my patience level) received preliminary plans for my Tiny! Unfortunately, I think my expectation of “preliminary plans” was a bit high. They’re basic and a bit underwhelming. If you know me though, you know I want everything 100% complete as soon as I start it. It’s not an instant gratification issue, it’s more of an “I’m not going to rest until this is exactly the way I want it” type thing.

So of course, my “me-do” personality had me working on them all night last night. I mean, I really went to town! I called Randy, and asked him a zillion questions. This guy is seriously great to work with! He helped me get all my questions answered. Here are a few: what are the exact interior dimensions? How much headspace is there in the loft? Can I use a farmhouse sink? Do I have to have a ladder to my loft? How thick are interior walls? 

Then I was on my merry way to create my own design. I got pretty specific. I’ve put those plans here so you can comment your thoughts. I’m open to suggestions and criticism. Now’s the time! 

Also, if you have suggestions/pictures/ideas for the color scheme and style of the interior or exterior, let me know! 



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