“Me do”

Finding an awesome builder to design and build my Tiny made all of this feel super real. 

In my last post, I mentioned that I needed to speak to the builder first because I had some interesting requests. Here they are.

As a little one, my favorite words were probably “me do,” which was my way of demanding the independence to do everything without the help of my parents, from brushing my hair to opening a jar of pickles. I wanted to do it all on my own, so it’s no surprise that my main request of a builder was that I would be able help with the build. 

I asked Randy if I would be able to camp at the build site for the summer and help build my house. It’s important to me that I have a bit of sweat, blood, and tears (I’m hoping for just the sweat, to be honest) in my first home. Also, I want to know how to fix any issues that come up. 

Randy was totally on board with this proposal! First request was a go! 

Next, the two most important uses of my dwelling are working out and sleeping. I knew I’d be able to have a sleeping loft, so that was one need taken care of. The workout space caused a bit more concern, however. I told Randy about my plans for how to use the space in my Tiny Home and asked him if he would be able to help me design something that fit my needs. His response is what ultimately sold me on going with Incredible Tiny Homes as my builder. He was super stoked about my requests and eager to get started on my design. I told you I had a good feeling about this company! 

Thanks to my ridiculously long posts, I believe you are now caught up to my current place in the journey. I’m now waiting to get first draft plans back and we’ll go from there. Hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to update you with a possible layout and how my workout area will fit into 128sq.ft.! Stay tuned!



P.s. I almost forgot, my buddy James and I went out to the property I’ll be parking on for an exploratory run yesterday, and I grabbed a quick photo to show you guys my new view!

Not too shabby, eh?!

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