So it begins!

Not long ago, I learned that the more you talk to people about your dreams as if they are reality, the greater the chances you have at making those dreams reality. 

I think there are two major factors that play into this truth. One, it sets your dream as reality in your mind. It’s no longer “if it happens,” but “when it happens.” Once you think of your hopes and aspirations as possibilities, optimism takes over. You begin to find more and more ways that it will work out, and the obstacles standing in your path become easier and easier to clear out of the way. 

The second factor at work here is the power of networking. Talking to people about your dreams as reality helps others see that you are actually planning on making these dreams come true. Now, not only are you going to be holding yourself a bit more accountable because people who matter to you are holding you accountable, but they begin to want to help you. 

For example, say you need a place to park a tiny house in order to move forward with your dreams…

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed to know I had a place to park my tiny close enough to work. So I started asking people at work if they knew of anyone who would want to make a bit of extra income by allowing me to rent land from them to park my tiny home. 

I talked to people at the climbing gym about it, at yoga, at the restaurant I go to once in a while after yoga. You get the picture, I talked about it to everyone I crossed. 

Then someone (thanks JV!) had an idea and a connection that ended up being my solution! Boom! I had parking! Operation Tiny Home was under way. Next step, get a Tiny! 





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