Research, research, and more research

With parking squared away it was time to find a Tiny Home just for me. I wanted to design one so it would fit my needs exactly, but I’m working within a budget and the models I had seen were running anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 base price

So I looked at used Tinys for sale all over the country, watched videos, emailed people to ask questions, anything I could think of. At one point, I came across this YouTube video of a builder in TN who works closely with an off-grid contractor. 

Incredible Tiny Homes – American Freedom (click here to watch)

It stuck in my mind because I needed to be off-grid for my parking spot. I checked out lists upon lists of builders, but kept coming back to Incredible Tiny Homes. In addition to the facts lining up, I just had a really good feeling about these guys. 

I sent in my wish list and got a quote. It came back under budget, leaving the wiggle room I need to work with their off-grid buddies! 

I had some interesting ideas about getting my Tiny House built, so I wanted to talk to the builder directly before I made my final decision. I’ll give ya a hint, it went pretty well! 😉

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