I finally (it wasn’t really that long of a wait, see previous post about my patience level) received preliminary plans for my Tiny! Unfortunately, I think my expectation of “preliminary plans” was a bit high. They’re basic and a bit underwhelming. If you know me though, you know I want everything 100% complete as soon as I start it. It’s not an instant gratification issue, it’s more of an “I’m not going to rest until this is exactly the way I want it” type thing.

So of course, my “me-do” personality had me working on them all night last night. I mean, I really went to town! I called Randy, and asked him a zillion questions. This guy is seriously great to work with! He helped me get all my questions answered. Here are a few: what are the exact interior dimensions? How much headspace is there in the loft? Can I use a farmhouse sink? Do I have to have a ladder to my loft? How thick are interior walls? 

Then I was on my merry way to create my own design. I got pretty specific. I’ve put those plans here so you can comment your thoughts. I’m open to suggestions and criticism. Now’s the time! 

Also, if you have suggestions/pictures/ideas for the color scheme and style of the interior or exterior, let me know! 



Sitting, waiting, wishing…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I use every ounce of patience contained in my personality at work (kids take a lot of patience!) and therefore, I have zero patience in every other aspect of my life. Waiting to get my first draft plans for my Tiny is HARD! 

These hands don’t really know idle, so I figured I’d need to find other tasks to complete while waiting. I created a pin board (with a little help from family and friends) of inspiration for the design of my Tiny. I also sketched out a look for the outside.

I’m no artist, so don’t judge! But I’m thinking of rusted corrugated metal on the bottom and patchwork reclaimed wood on top.

Comment to let me know your thoughts!

I’ve also been starting to go through my belongings to figure out what I need and what will fit. Here’s some of my progress:

Turning this pile of t-shirts I never wear into a quilt so that these sentimental pieces have a purpose! 

Selling this bulky, but oh-so-comfy furniture. 

I think I’m off to a pretty good start!

Thanks for following my journey! Feel free to leave comments with any questions or suggestions!



“Me do”

Finding an awesome builder to design and build my Tiny made all of this feel super real. 

In my last post, I mentioned that I needed to speak to the builder first because I had some interesting requests. Here they are.

As a little one, my favorite words were probably “me do,” which was my way of demanding the independence to do everything without the help of my parents, from brushing my hair to opening a jar of pickles. I wanted to do it all on my own, so it’s no surprise that my main request of a builder was that I would be able help with the build. 

I asked Randy if I would be able to camp at the build site for the summer and help build my house. It’s important to me that I have a bit of sweat, blood, and tears (I’m hoping for just the sweat, to be honest) in my first home. Also, I want to know how to fix any issues that come up. 

Randy was totally on board with this proposal! First request was a go! 

Next, the two most important uses of my dwelling are working out and sleeping. I knew I’d be able to have a sleeping loft, so that was one need taken care of. The workout space caused a bit more concern, however. I told Randy about my plans for how to use the space in my Tiny Home and asked him if he would be able to help me design something that fit my needs. His response is what ultimately sold me on going with Incredible Tiny Homes as my builder. He was super stoked about my requests and eager to get started on my design. I told you I had a good feeling about this company! 

Thanks to my ridiculously long posts, I believe you are now caught up to my current place in the journey. I’m now waiting to get first draft plans back and we’ll go from there. Hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to update you with a possible layout and how my workout area will fit into 128sq.ft.! Stay tuned!



P.s. I almost forgot, my buddy James and I went out to the property I’ll be parking on for an exploratory run yesterday, and I grabbed a quick photo to show you guys my new view!

Not too shabby, eh?!

Research, research, and more research

With parking squared away it was time to find a Tiny Home just for me. I wanted to design one so it would fit my needs exactly, but I’m working within a budget and the models I had seen were running anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 base price

So I looked at used Tinys for sale all over the country, watched videos, emailed people to ask questions, anything I could think of. At one point, I came across this YouTube video of a builder in TN who works closely with an off-grid contractor. 

Incredible Tiny Homes – American Freedom (click here to watch)

It stuck in my mind because I needed to be off-grid for my parking spot. I checked out lists upon lists of builders, but kept coming back to Incredible Tiny Homes. In addition to the facts lining up, I just had a really good feeling about these guys. 

I sent in my wish list and got a quote. It came back under budget, leaving the wiggle room I need to work with their off-grid buddies! 

I had some interesting ideas about getting my Tiny House built, so I wanted to talk to the builder directly before I made my final decision. I’ll give ya a hint, it went pretty well! 😉

So it begins!

Not long ago, I learned that the more you talk to people about your dreams as if they are reality, the greater the chances you have at making those dreams reality. 

I think there are two major factors that play into this truth. One, it sets your dream as reality in your mind. It’s no longer “if it happens,” but “when it happens.” Once you think of your hopes and aspirations as possibilities, optimism takes over. You begin to find more and more ways that it will work out, and the obstacles standing in your path become easier and easier to clear out of the way. 

The second factor at work here is the power of networking. Talking to people about your dreams as reality helps others see that you are actually planning on making these dreams come true. Now, not only are you going to be holding yourself a bit more accountable because people who matter to you are holding you accountable, but they begin to want to help you. 

For example, say you need a place to park a tiny house in order to move forward with your dreams…

As I mentioned in my last post, I needed to know I had a place to park my tiny close enough to work. So I started asking people at work if they knew of anyone who would want to make a bit of extra income by allowing me to rent land from them to park my tiny home. 

I talked to people at the climbing gym about it, at yoga, at the restaurant I go to once in a while after yoga. You get the picture, I talked about it to everyone I crossed. 

Then someone (thanks JV!) had an idea and a connection that ended up being my solution! Boom! I had parking! Operation Tiny Home was under way. Next step, get a Tiny! 





Take it from the top…

About a month ago I started looking at houses because I’m tired of lighting a match to the $900+ I spend every month on rent. I actually went as far as putting an offer on a beautiful 2000+ sq.ft. house. Right as I put the offer in, I started feeling incredibly stressed and almost sick. I hoped it was just nerves, but was worried that I wasn’t feeling excited or “right” about my potential purchase. So I started asking myself, “Why?” The answers didn’t surprise me, but definitely made me withdraw that offer and rethink my direction.

I was first and foremost afraid of getting totally stuck living somewhere. I love moving around, or at least having the freedom to move around. It wouldn’t be a decrease in my cost of living and I would have to get a roommate (I currently live alone, and quite like it). What really got me though, was all the space. What would I fill it with? How would I afford all this new stuff when what I want to spend my money on is new adventures and perhaps adventure gear?! How would I feel when my friends were off climbing or skydiving and I had to stay home for the weekend to do yard work or fix something in the house?

The answer became pretty clear, pretty fast. I needed a mobile home. A TINY mobile home!!

So I jumped into researching Tiny Houses. The first obstacle I had to tackle was where to park my home. I needed a place that’s close to where I work, because I’m not leaving (also a new thing for me, more on that later…)! Once I found that, I’d be able to figure the rest out.

As you’ll learn if you follow me on this journey, I’m pretty good at making things happen. So I found a place to park, and that’s how my story starts!